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Handover, Tuition & Training

Offering you excellent service in hand over of your new or pre-owned boat is our top priority for the team at Specialised Marine Sales, with experience on our side you can be assured the understanding and operation of your boat is our most important concern. Our after sales service is second to none and we pride ourselves on this.


Owning the boat is just the beginning of a lifetime of enjoyment for you and your family and with our Sales, Service and Spares team we are always at hand to help you.

  • How to follow correct start up procedures
  • Operating the on-board electrical equipment correctly
  • How to correctly use onboard toilet systems.
  • Operation and daily engine room checks
  • Familiarisation of on water use of the boat
  • Ongoing tuition in control and operation of your boat
  • Ensuring your 100% comfort with your boat
  • Power management for 12v/24v & 240v systems

We take pride in offering you top-quality on-board tuition, how to drive it, how to stay safe on board, how to navigate out and back, and how to berth the boat safely in your pen.

We understand the importance of you enjoying your boat with the full knowledge of how to run all systems and equipment correctly. If you or a family member would like further tuition on the operation of your boat, please do not hesitate to contact a sales representative to make arrangements. We have private qualified skippers that can assist you in navigation and correct operation of your vessel.

The team at Specialised Marine Sales can happily assist with the delivery of your boat anywhere along the WA coastline, interstate or overseas, to ensure your boat arrives to its new home safely, no matter how far it may be new or pre-owned boats.

Contact our team today on (08) 9583 5355 in regards to handover and tuition or email us at admin@smsperth.com.au

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